Fraudulent Activities, November 11, 2014
Suspect 284
Female Suspect
Counterfeit $100 Note
Fraudulent Activities
November 11, 2014
Enfield : Enfield Square Mall

Case Details:
A white female (pictured) and a white male are suspected of consistency passing “bleached”, older-style counterfeit $100 notes (pictured) which are manufactured with an inkjet device and printed on a "bleached" genuine $1 note (as a result, a "counterfeit pen" - which most stores rely on - won't work since the counterfeit $100 bill is printed on genuine paper.) Also, the counterfeit $100 bills may feel rough or worn as the original, genuine ink has been scrubbed off the paper. To date, over $10,000 worth of this counterfeit $100 bill is known to have been passed and four serial numbers have been identified: A11823823A, B97217692B, B92112384A and B49597152B. The passes occur mostly at shopping malls in the Enfield CT/Windsor CT/Holyoke MA area and have not been reported to police. Some passes have also occurred in Meriden CT, Stamford CT, Norwalk CT, Fairfield CT and Shelton CT. Known transactions involve one counterfeit $100 bill to obtain merchandise consisting primarily of an inexpensive item (about $5) and a low denomination (mostly $15) store gift card; about $80 in genuine currency is given to the passer as change. Any department able to identify the suspect or provide additional information should contact Special Agent Michael Shove, U.S. Secret Service New Haven Resident Office, at 203-865-2449 or [email protected]

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

U.S. Secret Service: (203) 865-2449
Investigator: Michael Shove
Case Submission No.: 20140053

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